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Wedding Planning During Covid 19

Wedding Planning During Covid 19

The pandemic had put a pause to wedding planning for many couples. However, since the situation seems to be getting better, couples have resumed the process of planning their big day properly, instead of small home-based intimate events. Nevertheless, event planning has changed drastically.

Before walking you through the basics of planning a wedding during the pandemic, here is a word of advice: since you are not the only one going through this, it will help to talk to couples who went through the same. They will be able to guide you through this turmoil.

Covid Wedding Planning

The number of people invites varies on the government restrictions for the province and even if your wedding is months away, there is a possibility you will not be able to host a lot of people. It is always a good idea to host an intimate wedding, enabling yourself to create memories without any risks.

Look for the Right Venue

Considering that every other wedding venue has been put on hold due to the pandemic, there is a crazy backlog on booking wedding venues. However, look at the following when booking your venue

  • The venue should fit your theme and you should choose it as per your preference, indoor or outdoor.
  • It should be available on your desired date.
  • The venue should fit your number of guests invites, maintaining proper social distance too.

Guest List

Check on the number of guests you are allowed to invite first and then decide the guest list accordingly.

Contact your Vendors

If your wedding planning started before the pandemic, you probably already have vendors booked. If that is the case, just contact them and tell them about the new dates and changes in plans. Make sure the following basics are covered

  • Wedding flowers and décor
  • Valet for the guests
  • Caterers and wedding cake
  • The stage where the bride and groom will sit

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